I am a musician, composer, sound designer and researcher based since 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I mainly compose music and sounds for audio-visual installations and performances, videos, documentaries, theatre plays, etc. As a sound artist, I collaborate with activist projects and collectives such as Amsterdam Alternative, for which I curate a podcast series on gentrification, housing, collective ownership and squatting. I am also currently working as a junior lecturer in Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen.

In 2015 I founded together with musicians Lorenzo Cosci and Emiliano Bagnato the music band Fernweh, where I play keyboards and synthesisers. In solo or with Fernweh I have been playing gigs, festivals and touring across 6 different countries, sharing the stage with artists such as Andrea Belfi, DJ Balli, MaiMaiMai, Tobjah (C+C=Maxigross) and The Chasing Monsters.