I am a musician, composer, sound designer and researcher born in Carrara (Italy) and based from 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I play keyboards and synthesisers in the music band Fernweh, which I founded in 2015 along with musicians Lorenzo Cosci and Emiliano Bagnato. With Fernweh I released one record and have been playing gigs and touring accross 6 different countries, sharing the stage with artists such as MaiMaiMai, Tobjah (C+C=Maxigross), The Chasing Monsters etc. Beside a dense band activity, over the years Fernweh have been writing music also for installations, audio-visual performances and video art in Italy and in Europe, especially collaborating with Paolo Ranieri (Studio Azzurro, N!03, Karmachina) and Karmachina, a Milan-based studio of visual design.

In 2015 I also started my solo path, opening to the electro-acoustic musician and composer Andrea Belfi at the Btomic Club in La Spezia (IT). From that moment I carry on both paths with a special focus on the composition of music and sounds for audio-visual installations and performances, videos, documentaries, theatre performances etc.

In 2020 I graduated from the research master in New Media and Digital Culture at UvA (University of Amsterdam), initiating and settling my research within the broader field of media studies, with a focus on sound as both object of analysis and domain for theorisation.